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You are welcome to schedule a 30 min. no obligation fact finding session. This is solar the new way. If you have specific concerns or have had a bad experience before, give it a shot! We don't need pressure to show you how you benefit from sunshine! 
Your finances form the foundation for your life goals and financial future. They are too important to leave to yourself. Even if you have a portfolio manager, are you assured of sound financial management?

As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), we at Vora Wealth Management, PLLC put the best interest of our clients first by focusing on wealth preservation through conservative growth strategies to help ensure financial stability through retirement and beyond.

Our fiduciary responsibility and first obligation is to our clients. In general, if we must choose between a course of action that makes us more money or one that’s better for our client, our first obligation is to the client. This means that we avoid conflicts of interest and provide unbiased, transparent advice aligned with your goals. 

We prepare you for life’s surprises by preserving and protecting your assets against volatile market conditions. 
Here are just some reasons why you should experience ...
The VORA Advantage
  • Independently owned and founded by Northern Arizona’s familiar and trusted friendly homegrown neighbor, bestselling author, portfolio manager and personal wealth coach, Dharmesh Vora, dubbed as a “Financial Trendsetter” by Newsweek and a “Financial All-Star” by USA Today;
  • ​White Glove Service with personalized strategies tailor-made to get to the heart of your needs and goals as designed by an in-house team of portfolio managers;
  • ​Down-to-earth approach that takes the mystery out of investing. We explain in simple, easy-to-understand terms our investment philosophy of maximizing returns for long-term success while minimizing risks;
  • ​Laser-targeted monitoring by our dedicated and highly-skilled staff and financial planners by making investment adjustments to your accounts to ensure performance amid shifting global markets;
  • ​Combining high-technology financial software with the human touch to provide you:
  • ​Retirement Planning
  • ​Estate Planning
  • ​Risk Management
  • ​Investment Planning
  • ​Tax Management
  • ​Fee-based financial advising that eliminates sales pressure on unwanted financial products and recommends only the best asset allocation for you;
  • ​Client access to a web-based portfolio management system for total transparency and monitoring of investments from anywhere in the world.
Let us help you protect the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. 
 Click below to book a no-obligation consultation so we help you build a portfolio aligned with your objectives and goals. 
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  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Planning
  • ​Tax Management
  • ​Estate Planning
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The Vora Financial Group website you are viewing offers information regarding our insurance business. Investment advisory services are offered through Vora Wealth Management, PLLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Please call us at 928-526-8672 for information on our investment services and a copy of our ADV disclosure document.